Saturday, October 7, 2017


Once upon a time, my mom gave me a set of earrings. They're not expensive, not heirlooms, just little blue earrings. 

The first time I wore them, I discovered I'd lost one at work. Assuming it was gone, but being optimistic, I hung onto the one half I had. A few months later, I found the missing earring stuck between the components of my cash drawer. They were a pair again! 

Recently, my place was broken into, and all my jewellery stolen. All I have are the few pieces that flew off the top of my precarious pile stacked on top of my jewellery box, assumingly when it was snatched in a rush. One of the things I salvaged from the floor was a single blue earring. Couldn't help but wonder if it was the drawer one, or the one I had all along. Wouldn't you know I found its pair in the washing machine after washing my clothes? It must have got mixed in with the laundry pile that sat beside my dresser, near where the jewellery box used to be. It's super clean now. 

The universe wants me to have these damn earnings, BADLY. Can't imagine how they weigh above the stuff from dad that took bits of my heart with them when they left, but maybe I'll never know. Maybe someone I know will need "something blue" for their wedding one day. Should any life event call for an item with freak bummerang effects, I'm also your girl. 


Thursday, October 5, 2017

My FACE!!!

A close friend of mine Nicole started selling products with Rodan and Feilds. I didn’t make it out to her event where everyone got to try the products and talk about their skin, but I still wanted to support her. I was slightly floored at how much the products were, coming from someone who spent very little on products I previously didn’t use if I’m honest. 

Without consulting my now expert friend, I blindly ordered some products online. I picked them up at my local UPS pick up point, which happens to be a pizza place. Felt pretty dodgey to say the least. 

And then I tried this bloody cream on my face. I was blown away. 

I went from someone who previously didn’t wash their face, to someone who looks forward to it. My face is so soft! I can’t stop touching it! Which I know is awful.

I wanna say it’s as soft as a babies butt, but now that my friends, including Nicole are having kids, I find the idea of stroking baby butt slightly alarming. 

It’s refreshing to find a friend get so enthusiastic and passionate about something, but especially something so worthwhile. I can personally attest to this, it rocked my world. 

Anyways, it’s totally worth trying. Nicole mentioned something about fixing the problem before it’s a problem, about wrinkles and eye droops, although more eloquently, I agree whole heartedly. 

Thursday, August 3, 2017

De-dicking my life

Last year at one of my onesie parties, my friends took it upon themselves to put little paper penis' all over my house. 

They got pretty creative, sticking them to door handles, and other places I'd have to touch them. 

It's made for some interesting scenarios, my favourite of which was when I had a sex toy home party sales lady over, and mid sentence she says, "wait, are there penis' all over your house? I thought for a minute I'd been in the business too long, seeing dicks everywhere..." 

Last week I opened the book Jon was reading, and found a small collection of my paper penis' on the front page! I sent a snap titled #dicktheif that I didn't save. 

Turns out, little by little he's been de-dicking my place. Couple times he put them up at the construction job sites.

But on the day we've been dating for six months, I also feel it nessesary to point out the other way he removed dicks from my life, by being a rock star boyfriend. 

Cheers to surrounding yourself with amazing people, and realizing one day how ridiculously happy you are. I wish this kind of happiness for all my friends and family, but also for all the dicks in the world, maybe it'll soften you up a little.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Scary AF

Similar to men who watch videos of other men being kicked or punched in the junk would instinctively grab their own, this image scares me in a big way. 

I want absolutely nothing of what you're offereing. Hard no. If you don't know what "AF" means, quick, ask the closest teenager. 



Friday, July 7, 2017

Hug it out

There's a lot of hate blaming going around online right now, I say we just take the Barney approach, "Can't we all just get along?" We should all just hug it out. Big 'ol group hug instead of rally's. 

Even the smelly people, we'll just hug them quickly. Even the people that aren't enthusiastic about the idea, we'll just talk them into it and squeeze. 

At the very least, if you're ever feeling sad about the state of the world, Google "group hug". I have a personal favourite: 


Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Nice rack

I was all geared up to tell you about my epic wine rack night. And then I realized I'd just called it an epic wine rack night. To summarize:

Right, so safe to say my life is pretty boring these days. When we left Salmon Arm after May Long weekend, my grandfather surprised my sister and I with planters. I was genuinely excited about it, so much so that I've actually managed to keep it alive! 

You should have seen how excited I got when I found the dryer sheets gramsie hid in my stuff too! 500 sheets! Golly! I'm gunna be honest, I kinda like boring. I like that this was the hardest decision we made all day Monday...

I feel so adulty. Although I recognize that saying that just makes it untrue. 

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Gray day

I had two comments about my gray hair yesterday, both in a negative light. One person just teased me straight up, and the other commented that I'm "prematurely gray" for my age. 

Oh? Compared to whom? I got gray hairs before the majority of the population? Lucky me. What if aging isn't something inevitable, to dread, but a privilege that should be celebrated? This is whom I am, I've just decided not to cover it up anymore. I'm sure I'll dye it again, in however long, but lately I'm feeling even more justified in my decision. #grayisbeautiful2