Thursday, November 28, 2013

Mostly green

I can't help but wonder if I'm just witnessing this paint job at the wrong stage...

Thursday, November 21, 2013

My 10 year old self

I've often thought what my 10 year old self might think should I run into her on the street one day and she asks about our life now. A few things she'd ask about right away I'm sure are how much money I'm allotted to spend on 5 cent candies, and I would have to break the news that although candies are still 5 cents, and I can spend all the money I want on candy, I try not to. She would be super impressed that I buy all my own clothes, drive a car, and work at store that sells chocolate. She might be surprised that I look forward to bed time. I might warn her that in a couple years things are gunna get weird, but that we make it out ok, and the divorce makes my relationships stronger. She might get excited to find out I live on my own, but I'll tell her the truth - that I miss dad at least once everyday, and sometimes wish we lived together again.She might laugh at me when I tell her about how close I am with my sister, and how I picked up another along the way. She might also ask if I have a boyfriend, but I won't tell her about Greg, so she can suddenly experience the revelation of falling in love with her best friend like I did. I might be surprised talking to her, how different we are; how far I've come  and how much I've changed.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Soft knife

For a card making class I went to recently, were were given a list of supplies to bring with us, and on there was one item, a "soft knife". I thought of a few things this could be, but thought I'd ask the experts at Michaels while I was there with a friend picking some of the other items off the list. We asked a nice middle aged lady, who got a second opinion before bringing us to a section and pointing out this item. 

I said, "oh a boner!" and I cannot explain in words the contrast between the amusing look the Michaels lady gave me to the horrified look my friend gave me. But hear me out, the above tool is also referred to as Boning tool, it's for running along edges to make them crisp looking.

PanPastel Soft Knife & Covers

When we got to the class, it turns out it was a different tool entirely, but that memory will be hard to forget.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Pizza tracker

For anyone who hasn't ordered a pizza in a while (for me it's been a few years) let me just tell you, it's changed a little. Gone are the days you call, and ask 50 million questions about your order. As are the days you sit around wondering if anything's actually going to show up at your door in a timely manner. Oh yea people, as with most things, this too has gone online. 

Not only can you special order your pizza with toppings on this half or that, with all the sides and pay with a coupon, you can watch the steps of your pizza progress. It also tells you by whom it is being made, put in the oven, delivered by. 

This was neat because then when I made my usual sign about not knocking on my landlords door I could say, "Alan! Please deliver the pizza over here --->" He seemed amused. 

Monday, November 4, 2013

Waved on

I swear they made the new Coast Meridian overpass in Poco with police road blocks in mind, because you don't know they're even there until you're in them. Such was the case last WEDNESDAY on my way home. Honestly? I know it's topless bull riding night at Roosters, but still...So anyways, there I was driving over, and I diligently rolled my window down, expecting to see a cop about to lean in, but no one. There was one officer with someone pulled over farther ahead in the other lane, and all the other officers were on the other side of the meridian. I stopped to see if anyone was going to walk over, and a cop on the other side of the bridge takes one look at me and waves me through. I guess my hardcore badass days are over, if they even happened. I was actually excited to tell someone that I'd just been at a Christmas cardmaking class with my two friends who live on that side of Poco, and would you like to see what I made? See this technique was with a heat tool....