Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Stranger tag

I had a client in yesterday, whom I feel quite chumey with, so I quietly mentioned to her that she had lipstick on her teeth. When she got embarrassed, I said, "I'd rather someone told me, so I was embarrassed for 10 seconds instead of getting home and realizing I should have been embarrassed all day." And she agreed.

But then she said she hates it when people do the same about tags sticking out. Now lets be clear, she wasn't uncomfortable with people TELLING her about the tag, she was uncomfortable with strangers tucking it back in for her.

Have I ever done that? Maybe when I was younger and had weird notions about personal space. (what is that anyhow?) But I doubt I'd do that now, unless I had a previous experience or interaction with the person. She went as far as to say that people get superiority complexes about it too, pointing it out to make her seem lesser, because she can't dress herself in the morning. I've never had that experience yet, but I usually look somewhat disheveled, and I've just come to terms with it, that it's part of my charm I never look put together properly. I'd hate to think I'm offending someone though, especially a stranger.

Does that have the potential to ruin someones day? I've met people who have copious amounts of personal pride, and for sure I could see that in the realm of offending them.

So next time you see someone with their fly down, tag out and something in their you tell them?

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

False sidebar

I was looking up a recipe recently, which always brings me to the dodgy sites, and I saw the most interesting ad in a sidebar.

Evidently this one simple trick to killing belly fat will also give you a boob job, longer hair, a tan and eyelash extensions! It's also not even sure of itself, adding a question mark to its claim to loose weight. So you might, might not. For 6 easy payments of $99.99 you can also have the chance to maybe loose weight and look fake! Lucky you. 

Monday, January 26, 2015

Buttered up

Is it just me, or do you agree Groupon is complimenting me to make me buy one?

Monday, January 12, 2015

Plunger anger

I used to say there are only two things in this world that get me instantly infuriated, chauvinism and my mother, but recently I've discovered plunging. Zero to extremely angry in 60 seconds or less. Recently the situation arose, and my poor sister had to experience the after math. My running into her bathroom, colourful language and shoes flying about. There's nothing happy about needing to plunge a toilet. *insert poo pun here* How awful. I don't heart plunging. 

Nice money

So I had this customer come in the other day to close his accounts because he was moving back to the UK. In needing the funds out of his account, I talked him into taking a money order. Gave him a bunch of reasons and then said, "...and besides, then you're not waking around with that much cash." He said he wouldn't do that back home, but here we're just too nice and polite. "You'd probably give it back to me if I dropped it!" 

In my head I was thinking, "Yea. You woudln't?" But in thinking about it, I realized I had a limit to my honesty. If I found $3000, I'd turn it in, no question. But $5? No chance. That being said, I turned in $10 at my local community centre because it has a teen centre and I remember how hard I had to work for $10 when I was that age. Took me three months to get back when no one claimed it! Talk about being punished for being good...
My coworker said she'd turn in $100, because of it goes unclaimed, you get it back and she couldn't handle the karma implications. I found a kobo reader one time and since it was in a purple case, I just assumed fate was treating me. I felt so guilty I had to turn it in to a store that sold them so they could look up the account, and hopefully get it back to them, but either way my conscious is off the hook. So it begs the question, what would you turn in? What would you keep? I love hearing people's reasoning most of all!