Thursday, February 26, 2015

Who do you hun?

This is somewhat of a point of contention between a friend and I, who do you refer to as "hun" in your daily life? I have become more aware of who, and when I drop a "hun" as of recently. My own hun-habits include people my own age or younger, or specifically women who I deem as friendly, and close friends. But what if that close friend hates it, and finds it condescending, and even fake? It might even be argued that a certain demographic of bleeched hair, artificial nail, name brand purse wearing middle aged women who are the worst offenders of "hun-ing".

I say them all! Hun, love, dear, babe (in rare cases, lets be clear)...I don't even know when the habit started, but as proven by the above said friend, who points it out regularly, but at this point must even let the odd one slide, its a hard one to break.

Another big one I hear other people pet name dropping is "dear". And I'm sensitive to this one because my very own Grams despises it. She feels as though the user of "dear" on her implies she's a little old, incapable lady, which if you've ever met her, she certainly is not.

So listen to yourself, and watch for that subtle eye twitch from the dear you're hun-ing.

Monday, February 23, 2015

First flat

Yesterday, my cousin and I did another training ride to prepare for the Ride to Conquer Cancer coming up in August this year. We tackled a shorter ride, only 26km, but with long intense hills. So there we were, riding along...ok Cindy was riding along like it was no big deal, I was hunched over my handle bars panting like a dog, when all of a sudden it felt like I was running something over. And over. And over again. When I got off and inspected my wheel, we found a huge screw sticking out of it. 

Luckily I had a spare tube, and Cindy had a pump. I thought she was expertly fixing the problem, so when a lady rode past and asked to help us, I enthusiastically declined. At which time Cindy looked me dead in the eyes and said, "we don't refuse help...!" So when five minutes later, a gorgeous guy riding by asked, that we did not. He had the whole thing fixed right up in 15 minutes, including fixing my squeaky brakes, which the bike shop I paid over a hundred dollars to for a tune up last month must have missed.

I learned a couple important lessons. The biking community is very much a helping, supportive group of people, who won't let you struggle on the side of the road for long. And should you find yourself in trouble, a good looking man should be along shortly to fix all your problems. Right?

All this training is great, but only worth it if I make my fundraising goal. Copy and paste this link to your browser to donate to my cause:

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Bad food/deodorant

Some of you might remember my post about best before dates, doesn't mean bad after in which I admitted to having somewhat relaxed feelings towards expired food. In writing it, and admitting how much I don't care, I'm actually surprised I haven't given myself food poisoning yet *knock on wood* This came up recently with Matt, as most undesirable personality traits often do in new relationships. It's especially bad because he works in the restaurant industry, so food is more his thing and his department.
Image result for freezer
So the other day we came home with a little more for my wee freezer than it could take, and I admitted I had some meat in the back that my mom gave me when she was moving. In early 2014. The meat went with me to Greg's parents place, and then came here. "You know stuff still expires, even in the freezer.." he says. No, of course not. The freezer is a magical box that keeps things good forever! I could see him trying super hard not to judge me as I produced the bundles from the back, and we made guesses as to what they used to be.
That was all fun and games until I went to put my deoderant on, and said to Matt, "Wow, did you know these have expiry dates too!!??? 04-2010. Shit, is that five years ago...?" *facepalm*

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Every city date ideas

Now keeping in mind that I'm not going on 2-3 first dates in a day anymore...ok, I did that ONCE, but man did I ever feel like a sassy minx. But I did come across a few unique little places I would love to go, if I were.

Port Coquitlam - Matteo's Gelatto
In the summer, they have three coolers of flavours, and the guy that owns it is great. He's got seating inside and outside, and it's perfect. Best selection of dairy free I've come across, the Fruity De Basco is out of this world. Love it. Go.

Coquitlam - Creekside Coffee Factory
Kristi just took me here recently, and I fell for their London Fog, it's to die for. But it's an adorable little coffee shop, totally hipstery and cozy.

Pitt Meadows - Tomes & Tales
Ok, in all honesty, I haven't been here yet, but I want to in a bad way. It's a book store that also sells loose leaf tea and gifts. Brilliant.

Maple Ridge - Bean Around Books
Love this place, again, the owner is a super cool guy. He's got used books pilled to the ceiling, and loose leaf tea. There's a cozy little seating area, and did I say he has books? Unlike some used book stores, he also has a catalog of the books he has, so you can ask about specific titles. Amazing.

Port Moody - Jolly Olde Bookstore
This is the cutest little bookstore, off the beaten path that I couldn't love more. Bring your own coffee, but it's exactly what a used book store should be. Stacked to the ceiling, and the guy working has fabulous recommendations.

Five is modest, I'll leave it there. Happy dating.

Monday, February 9, 2015

Dirty tap card

The controversy around the new tap debit card is buzzing, and being on the banking front line, I hear it all. People don't trust it, but don't realize the security measures that are already in place..blah blah blah. But the most fun I've had with the new pay wave come from my retail job actually. I had a gorgeous guy at Christmas hold his card over my point of sale machine, look me right in the eyes and say "can I tap that?" My eyebrows went up, and we both burst into hysterical laughter. 

Surprised by a song

When I first heard Let your hair down by Magic, I was entranced. The lyrics got me. "Baby let your hair down, let me run my fingers through it..." which, little known fact, I LOVE it when people play with my hair. Not strangers who tuck tags in, ew. My mom says when I was a baby, she'd run her fingers over my scalp and my eyes would roll back. I'm not going to lie, not much has changed since then. But then he goes on, "we can be ourselves now, go ahead be foolish, no ones on the clock now, lying in the simple moments, you don't gotta worry now..." *sigh* I'm in. 

But then I wanted to hear the song at home, and watched the youtube video. And found this. 

A skinny guy with bad dances moves, and long hair. 

...and then he ran his fingers through it. 

..and again. I'm not in. I'm definitely out. Sorry Magic, you're just really not my type. 

Not even if you give me those puppy eyes. Nope. I hear the song now and I laugh a little to myself that I was so taken away by your words. That being said, I had the complete opposite experience last night when I inadvertently watched a little of the Grammy's. I don't go out of my way to watch any tv, but I just happened to be watching when Ed Sheeran performed Thinking Out Loud. Now lets be clear, I LOVED this song before I saw his performance....

but...Uh....he's a GINGER??? With piercing blue eyes?? AND AN ACCENT?? I'd seen the music video before, but then I realized, IT'S HIM DANCING IN IT!! 

How freaking romantic was that? I watched the behind the scenes, he never danced before attempting this!!

He was doing lifts, and catchy moves...I agree with his choreographer, he NAILED this video.  

And yes. I do wish that brunette was me. If I lost 30 pounds, and could actually move to a beat, which is even more ludicrous than loosing 30 pounds. I don't even care that your name is primarily taken up by 72 year olds, Ed - you are my new "one". The get out of jail free card you get in any relationship where if you had the chance to jump into bed with any celebrity, who would it be? I'm in Ed. You got me. 

PS: I hope you appreciate all the screenshots. This was not an easy task! But for you reader, and for Ed, it was worth it. ;)