Thursday, March 26, 2015

Badass van

My sister jokes around about driving a van now, but hey, if you feel like you've hit middle age prematurely, you could always put a racing stripe on it! 

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Disney Drunkie

So there I was, wine-ing about on Sunday night, when a friend of mine showed me this ridiculous app. It's called "Disney Side" because it transposes your face into Disney Characters. Well needless to say...

I even made myself a guy, and I'm a little worried how good it looked...

But in the morning I looked like this...

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Bad kind of scavenger hunt

I've been hesitant to blog about my new adventures as a cat owner, because I have the people I got Beasty from on my Facebook. That being said, I don't think it's a secret the cats not a people loving kind of feline. I had it just over a month, and it's spent the majority of the time under my bed. 

I bought her a blanket I stuffed under there, that I'm happy to say she uses. She's pooped twice outside of her litter box, and another time she overdosed on catnip and barfed her guts out, I'm still finding reminents of that. We have had one intimate moment when she jumped on my bed and let me pet her. This was, probably not coincidently, after one of the pooping incidents. 

I was chatting with my coworker though and I said, I found the poo under the bed, but where is she pooping that I'm not finding? She says,"don't worry, you'll smell it..then you have to go hunting for it..." Speaking from experience of having her daughters dogs at her house. Ah, the bad kind of scavenger hunt...

Friday, March 6, 2015


So last night, Aleisha and I used coupons we had for Cloud 9 float spa, for a two hour float in a sensory deprivation chamber. 

This is the one I used, with only 11 inches of salty water in it. As I was given the tour for my first float, she asked if I had any questions, and I said actually if she wouldn't mind her taking my picture once I get in, I have this blog, might be good promotion for them..blah blah blah. I'm imagining me, with all my long hair floating around know, very artistic and all. She gives me this weird look, "well I can, but you'll be naked..." Too artistic. "Why make laundry?" She says.

So I'm not allowed to shave, no make up or products of any kind, and now I'll be naked to boot. So hairy me climbs on in, and I'm not going to lie, I had to calm myself down when the lid shut. And this is going to sound silly, but I was surprised how much I floated! No effort needed. I just succumbed to the water. I even turned the lights off and fell asleep! Note to self, so not itch nose if one wishes to avoid intense stinging sensation. I did find it impossible to turn off my inner monologue, I spent most of my time composing this blog mentally. I expected to write how my 30 second float, and my appreciation for small spaces, but I surprised myself. 

Even funnier was talking to Aleisha in the car after. "Well I won't do that ever again.." She found it boring. And the thudding I kept hearing near door was her splashing around in hers. We both felt pretty new age about the whole hinge, I can't imagine most people from my grandparents generation jumping on board. Save the endless supply of salt in my ears, I did quite enjoy myself to my surprise. And not to mention my shoulder I buggered at work yesterday actually feels better today, whether or not that had anything to do with it...try anything once right? Keep clam, float on readers! 

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Legal stabbing

I was out the other day with a friend who has a severe allergy, and as a result, carried an epipen. As we started to talk about it, I admitted I'm not sure I would have the guts to stab someone, even when I knew it would save their life. She said you muster the courage, and won't even think about it in the moment, you'll just stab them. And then we laughed a little. Might be the only time it's legal, and even encouraged to stab someone. 

"I'm sorry convulsing unresponsive stranger, I just don't know how I feel jabbing this needle into your's leg right?" I hope that isn't another wildly inaccurate fact Hollywood has made common knowledge. I carry chocolate around in my purse, just in case I meet a diabetic who needs it, but I hope they'd be with it enough to ask for it. I hope I could stab someone with an epipen should they go into anephalitc shock. If you hesitate, does another stranger force your arm down, or grab it out your hand and do it for you? Ah, this courage thing is tricky business...