Friday, May 22, 2015

The pocket message

Has anyone ever dailed your number by accident, while it was innocently in their pocket or purse? Have they ever left you a message? Lately I've realized I have a small obsession with these messages. Now realistically speaking, these messages are an invasion of privacy. They were left unintentionally, and upon realizing what they are, should be deleted. BUT HOW?

The curiosity takes me over, I just can't help but wonder what juicy tidbits are awaiting on the other end. Just recently I listened to a message Greg left me that was 10 minutes long. Ridiculous. He was working, he sneezed a few times. But even though I knew how ridiculous it was, I just couldn't delete it without listening to the whole thing! Who does that? I've even had them at previous jobs. 

But a caution though, you could hear something you don't want to. Dad pocket dailed me once and In between attempts of getting his attention, I heard intimate details of his love life. After my ears stopped bleeding, and the uncontrollable yelling, I called him back. You've never heard such a nervous laughter! You've been warned....

Cat face

I know you're all dying for a catastic update. Well the one place the cat left for me, fur-free is no longer. Just before I left for vacation, after I'd already started packing, Beasty started crawling up between my covers on my bed. This is a habit that goes ways back, but for months she'd not reverted back to...yet. And fur patterns told me she was crawling in during the day, and the middle of the night while I slept. I got a lint roller and started rolling it hourly, but now I've given in. Embrace the fur.

She started by crawling in on Matt's side, he's such softie. Now she crawls in, drooling and purring as soon I do at night. 
I also wonder if stress eating is a thing for cats? And if it makes me a bad fur mommy that she's looking like she lost a bit of weight...she's still a fat cat, but she might have left the "massive" category behind. Pound it sister, hallelujah! 

Friday, May 8, 2015


I got this email from Groupon, and I instantly felt for all the Mother in Law's.

We care about $45 less about you, Mom in Law. Sorry. 

Age gap

I have a friend who's five years younger than me, and usually I don't notice the age gap, probably because of my maturity, or lack there of. Once in a while there we were hanging out at Timmies, like all the cool people do, and I was psyched about the deal I got. "Cat food is on for 41 cents a can at Costco! THAT'S CRIMINAL!!" And they all stared at me, blinking.

I few things that have come up that I just don't understand: 
Truffle butter

...and the list is growing. I swear those LG's are getting creative these days!