Friday, October 23, 2015

Bagel, extra cheese please!

In my recent endeavours with Coffee Meets Bagel, I've noticed a couple tendancies in myself. Nothing is too cheesy. One guy wrote that he liked cuddling, I liked him. Another wrote that they were "looking for another sweetie pie to call my own." Yup, I thought that was funny, partly because I think it's song lyrics, and partly because he had guts enough to write "another". As in addition to yourself a sweetie pie? I'm building an army of them! They all know about each other in my life...
Another guy wrote "desperate" in his which I found refreshingly honest, and I'd have given him a go if it didn't also say "kink". I had to check with my dating expert, that's short for kinky isn't it? Now 50 Shades of Grey has made the dating scene a scary place in my humble opinion. He used to have to find a way to drop his fetishes causally into the conversation on a third date, but now he just airs it out on his profile like his underwear on the line! Thanks a lot Mr Grey, but the only reason your book was so popular was because women are sexually repressed, not because we're all secretly hoping for that! No thank you! Gawd forbid I'm dating a guy and he spontaneously springs "kink" on my unsuspecting self, nuh uh. Although it would make a wicked post if I had the courage to tell it...
And what about this guy? 

Yes I passed, not because he took a mirror selfie, but I don't TRUST his abdominal muscles. I'm sure he worked hard for them, but they kinda look like they got lost, and ended up on a guy who plays too many video games. Smile! It's way cheaper than a gym membership! Bagel on. 

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Dinner time talk

We all have goals in life, right? When I make a card, I aim to get "mantle status" where the receiver of my card loves it so much they put it on display on their mantle. 

During my day, I like to connect with random strangers. I make jokes mostly. Especially to quiet, reserved people who look like their either gritting through the day, or about to explode. I like to brighten them, make them smile. I don't mind if I make fun of myself in the process, and appreciate very much if they give me that, "you're an odd duck..." look. But what I love the most, is imagining them sitting down to dinner with the their family that night saying, "You'll never guess what this random girl in line said today..." Mission accomplished. 

Monday, October 12, 2015


Recently I had the experience of going through some of my dads things, he passed away May last year. It's interesting to realize what was important to someone by the things they keep. I found school projects I don't even remember making, but the most special was all the photos. There were some of my dad when he was young with the vans he customized, and the van club parties. Pictures of friends he didn't talk to often, but I know he valued in a big way. Pictures of me. So many pictures of me! 

As the second kid, I thought my parents had forgotten how to use a camera by the time I came along, based on volume, so I was pleasantly surprised. Some I'll treasure forever. 

One picture stands out for me. It was taken when I was in the hospital with my appendix. They said I could only have one parent stay with me. Mom said automatically she'd stay, but they let me pick. "Daddy!" We stayed up tying flies together, right there in the hospital. 

One of those times dad was never worried about being "out of the box". I have so many dear memories, and to see them come alive in photos of the fishing trips, camping trips, my first time on a bike. I remember telling dad not to let go. But he did. And when I realized he had I crashed into a bush. He ran after me, fished me out and cuddled me until I stopped crying. And then he put me back on the bike.  

21 Days of Bagels

In my ongoing search for love, or argueably, juicy blog material, I starting using a dating app called Coffee Meets Bagel. I'm not surprised if you haven't heard of it, only two of my Facebook friends are on it, because of me. Seems to be more popular in the States based on the majority of guys on it. I am sent a "bagel", or hopefully single gentlemen once day. I see up to four pictures, and a short profile of things they like and are looking for. We only make a connection if they've also liked my profile. So far I've made only two connections. One who asked for my number he never used, and another who seemed to loose interest after 3 messages. Unlike Tinder who basically just ask you which bits you're looking for, and send you as many as possible in your area, this is slowly moving, and the perception is, better matches. Lots of great guys it looks like, but the feedback to me was that I need better pictures. 

What on earth is cuter than THAT? 

No, I didn't put that one up, but I was tempted to. Anyhow, it came up the other day, "Congratulations! You've signed in 21 days in a row! Extra bagel for you!" And I was thinking, oh gawd, I need a LIFE! Do you have any of those? Seems counter intuitive to send me another match, like giving booze to an alcoholic right? Bagel on.