Thursday, December 10, 2015

Do you wanna build a boyfriend?

Let me just say that dating stresses me out, big time. I live in constant fear of mixing guys up! Names, professions, pastimes. The struggle is REAL! 
For those of us who haven't been in the dating game in a while, Grams let's say, seeing 3-4 guys at once is completely socially acceptable until one calls the "EXCLUSIVE" card. I'm also aware of an ass tonne of other dating rules, and I'm sure I'm breaking every single one simultaneously. This becomes even more of a problem when one has such a bad memory, she can't even keep straight which men she's given the link to her blog to. Now it's literary Russian Roullette. My jokes could be mostly funny to most people, but gawd forbid someone figures out their own nickname! 
So anyways I was chatting with a friend of mine and I said I've found I like different aspects and character traits, can't you just pick and choose, like build your own sandwich at Subway? And that's how I broke into a modified Frozen song. "do you wanna build a boyfriend? It's doesn't have to be a boyfriend..." 

Parenting an orphan

With so little of my own parents in my life, a few hilarious things have come up for me. Let me break them down for you. 

My friends have started to parent me. I was out with a friend the other day who works with kids, and before we left a restaurant she said, "maybe we should use the washroom before we go" and sure enough, I had to go! 

My cousin was a huge help buying my place, and just in life in general. She's a great role model, and part of the reason I adult as well as I do. Sometimes she'll bring a meal along when she knows I won't have eaten, or gives me the same treats she gives the kids, and I love every second of it. 

The guys at Judo are my giant pack of dads. They teach me Judo, but also about life in general. It's a little family, who joke and tease as much or more as my biological one does. Had this new guy I was seeing been able to make it to the Judo banquet, I'm sure they'd have given him the grill. 

Even the Telus guy that came in to install my internet modem even gave me sound fatherly advice. I'd only been in my place a week, and he joked that he found himself voicing the help because he had a daughter my age. 

As much as I recognize the deficientcy, I appreciate the help. My support network is amazing, I have surrogate parents out the wazoo, and I like looking out for each other as humans. It's a nice fuzzy feeling. 

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Dry erase couples ornament

I better patent this idea before someone else makes my millions. First thing I pulled out the Christmas box, and actually last thing in turn, was a couples ornament from last year.

I don't even want to think about how much money I've poured into those dorky, sentimental little things. All because I have this idea of pulling it out of the box as a family one day. I'm ashamed to say that some of them didn't even make it on the tree the next year!! Ridiculous. Little reminders of my failed attempts at a love life. I regret nothing, I learned something about myself every single time. Going into the Christmas season solo wasnt something I've done for a long time, but I'm willing to bet I've learned a lot this go around too. And not only how to save money on ornaments I'll be able to hang again next year.